Do You Belong On Specialty Cable? Open Internet.

The internet has become so essential it is close to being the power grid or radio, from NPR to PBS to commercial stations. Most NGOs and charities need to be found as Free To Air organizations, not specialty cable shows. They need to be accessible by low income people on donated Ubuntu computers as well as the middle class Microsoft family.

Published by Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

Born in Saigon 1973 to the royal blue-blood family of Vietnam, South-Vietnamese military family in the Vietnam War and boat refugee 1979. Currently doing special projects; eg. Le Comité Canada Tibet, Tibet Center for Democracy and Human Rights based in Dharamsala. I'm a bachelor longer than I was married (still planning for kids of my own). I'm 45, I have a net worth of $200,000, a credit score of 680. I finished Harvard and my self managed portfolio gets 20% return. My cousins have their own medical and dental practice. Since launching independently my media titles on the web average 30K visitors a month, and my Twitter streams average 15K impressions a day. A marketing-operations manager, with Harvard and Microsoft IoT advance professional certification, and a strong foundation in data analytics, with an Economics degree, specializing in internet advertising and digital projects. Searching for American opportunity at a mere $67,000 + 23% Benefits in salary and benefits (absolutely no  base bonuses and commissions, in local currency) and at least 37 hours of paid work each week in employment, not exceeding 41 hours, no travel, because I plan to get the new PhD in Business Administration. "Average marketing consultant, fees are most commonly in the $100-$175 per hour range (article)" and "the average salary for a Marketing Consultant is C$55444. (article)"

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