Do You Belong On Specialty Cable? Open Internet.

The internet has become so essential it is close to being the power grid or radio, from NPR to PBS to commercial stations. Most NGOs and charities need to be found as Free To Air organizations, not specialty cable shows. They need to be accessible by low income people on donated Ubuntu computers as well as the middle class Microsoft family.

Published by AnhTu, Phuc Hoang

I am a managerial professional specializing in big data strategic analytics for a better world in a global economy. High skill in business writing, web marketing, big data analytics and strategy. My tutelage at Harvard and John Hopkins are extraordinary and I seek to continue my professional development in the USA. As a Canadian citizen, my family is part of the Imperial Royal Dynasty of Vietnam; my father was a Naval Captain and our family escaped from communist Vietnam after the fall of Saigon as part of the 'boat refugee' exodus. With relatives also in the USA, we have rebuilt our lives and made significant contributions there. I am H1B-Visa qualified under Web Marketing Management. Salary commensurate with State-average.

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