Do You Belong On Specialty Cable? Open Internet.

The internet has become so essential it is close to being the power grid or radio, from NPR to PBS to commercial stations. Most NGOs and charities need to be found as Free To Air organizations, not specialty cable shows. They need to be accessible by low income people on donated Ubuntu computers as well as the middle class Microsoft family.

Published by Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

Harvard educated Vietnamese-born Canadian-citizen Internet Marketing Manager. Presently my registered business supplies consulting for correcting, improving and establishing a marketing strategy with internet technology. It's advantage is the strong monitoring and control tactics once the plan is implemented. Specifically, a combination of law, ethics and return on investment by lean-management. Self-directed learner driven to find sustainable proven solutions. My business plan focuses on international clients because the local service market is over-saturated, as such one of my permanent clients is in Dharamsala India. Privately a smart candidate seeking a smart city with a credit-score above 700. Strong ability to apply theory for strategy and vision. Formal education in statistical analysis, economics, business management, digital law, iot and cybersecurity. I have been accepted to the U.S. Geographic Services, National Maps Corp. I am seeking $50,000 to lead a functional team, or accordingly for a strategic position. I am available for interviews immediately with an ideal time-frame of August 2020 to start work.

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